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Our Reason for Being

We have published this web site for more than fifteen years. The site came in response to a request made of us in the mid-1970's by a stately Virginian gentleman. His request of us was to share the information he was providing to us with as many folks as wanted to know about achieving financial independence.

Here then is your chance to learn the fundamental information necessary for anyone desiring to achieve the most sought after information of all time., financial independance.

Be forewarned: there are no get rich quick schemes here; we will not try to sell you anything; we will not ask you to provide us any information at all - so why not read, learn and, if you choose, ask questions. Click on the "Let's Get Started" button below to start you on the road to financial independance.

By all means - if you have children, send them here to begin their journey! We hope you enjoy!

There is much personal security in knowing that you, your family and those you care about can overcome the day-to-day struggle to accumulate wages. Your labors are a type of asset that once spent can never be leveraged again. You can use other assets over and over again to generate income. So start leveraging those assets to make money and provide financial security

So, as the saying goes, every journey begins with a single step. Are you ready?

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