What Our Friends Have To Say

A married couple consolidates debt and . . . lowers their monthly payments by nearly $500.
The monthly bills were consuming more cash than the couple had available each month. The options were few and some were not very attractive at all. One option was to go into savings each month just to pay their bills. Another was to use their savings to pay off consumer debt - in particular, credit cards. Another option was to continue to run short each month and try to live through the fighting and bickering caused by the high level of stress.

Our clients came to Paly and sought our advice. Our recommendation was to refinance their mortgage and take some equity out of the house. The couple did exactly that. The equity was used to pay down their charge card debt. Additionally, they got a lower monthly interest rate on their mortgage - from 10 percent to under 7 percent.

The results? The couple enjoys a mortgage payment that is $350 per month lower and monthly credit card bills that are some $300 lower. The couple now saves over $100 per month in a mutual fund. They contribute to the fund through a direct deposit from their checking account. This makes regular savings easy and painless!

How about you? Wouldn't you like to reduce the stress and strain caused by your monthly bills? Perhaps there is a solution that will reduce your stress and increase your quality of life! You can email us. We would love to try and help you!!